Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15 minutes in my life

Today I was having a hard day. In order to better cope with the kids and their eternal demands and whines I decided to make myself a cup of tea. After the kettle boiled and I was waiting for the tea to steep (5 minutes; I always set the timer because that’s the way I like it) I got out the sugar pot. There was only half a teaspoon of sugar left and I require three-quarters for my perfect cup. I’m sure this has happened to you; it can’t only happen to me:
Open cupboard to get more sugar to refill pot
Move a bunch of pantry items to get sugar container
Knock molasses onto the tile floor
Clean up glass and molasses from floor, baseboards, wall and inside the bottom three shelves of the open cupboard. This includes wiping molasses off multiple items such as raisins, canned fruit, crackers (snack shelf), rice, pasta, potatoes, flour (carb shelf), and recipe books (bottom shelf).
Wrap glass shards in paper bag
Since you’ve taken the last one, add lunch paper bags to grocery list
Throw out glass shards and molasses mess – discover the garbage is overflowing
Take garbage out
Clean up hockey sticks from driveway before someone runs over them
Put hockey sticks back in corner of garage and discover spider
Perform elaborate spider-trapping ritual and set the critter free outside
Head back upstairs to find boys engaged in game of “toss the library book”
Stop the “game” and build them a fort using furniture, pillows and blankets
Head back towards kitchen, see calendar sitting out and remember that tomorrow is a field trip
Fix collapsed fort
Go upstairs to get red field trip vest so you don’t forget it tomorrow
Change laundry to dryer, hang “do not dry” clothes in bath
Wipe toothpaste from sink
Take discarded pyjamas back to clothes hamper in bedroom
Get red vest
Seeing bed reminds you how tired you are, think to yourself you could really use a cup of tea
It’s now so cold and so strong but I have to drink it anyway. It’s the principle of the matter, really.
See ya,

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