Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today is Thursday and I`m panicking

I am working three days this week and man, does that interfere with my life. Whew!

So the dentist’s went well. I was frozen for about four hours and I sounded ridiculously furry during that time, (which made for an interesting preschool pick-up – I think they thought I was drunk at first until I explained about the dentist) but once that wore off I felt nothing from the procedure. Except for the tooth that they had fixed the rubber dam to; that one hurt. Those rubber dams are the worst thing ever. I always forget and try to breathe through my mouth and then I totally panic until I remember that I also possess a nose that does a pretty good job of breathing too.

I totally got called out on Monday at school by one of the other moms. Chantal wearing the exact same clothes as me - sweater-jacket from Costco and jeans from Joe Fresh. It was very funny! We really need to call each other first. She also informed me that she sees me in the mornings doing my makeup in the car on the way to work. Busted! I`m guilty. Now I have to get up five minutes earlier every day so I don`t get caught again.

Super short post today, sorry. We have the comedy club for Marzia`s birthday tonight, Mike`s Gram`s 95th birthday dinner, my mom`s 64th birthday and Ethan`s 6th birthday party all this Saturday... yikes!
I`m off to work - again. More after the parties!

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Cathy said...

Indeed, the insanity abounds! Good luck!