Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picture Dump

I stumbled across a couple of months of photos to share with y'all:
We were all crafty

And we played a LOT of adventurer

Jack had party day at preschool - you can see how short he is compared with some of the other boys!

Don't get in the little rabbit's way of finding what the big rabbit left for him!

Ethan kept stopping to tell us exactly how GOOD he was at hunting for eggs

We got in one last ski and snow-tubing day of the season

Ethan started in his first soccer league

Sometimes it looked like he was dancing a strange ballet

And there was a LOT of crotch-grabbing

He even got to play goal for a short time (but let one in...)

Meanwhile Jack ate so many oranges he didn't even have room for a "wafer-thin mint"...

Spring finally sprung

And 25 Club went to a local winery for a delicious dinner!

And there's April in a nutshell!

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