Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Would YOU?

I ask you this, would YOU buy real estate from this guy?

Where to begin...

Well, I think it's pretty evident that he is alienating a bunch of different sports fanatics by the simple fact that he is wearing what appears to be an Eskimos jersey. Green and yellow, right? I think it's Edmonton's colours. Either way, totally not appropriate for a publicity shot.

Also, he scares the living bejeesus out of me. You know, creep in a dark alley kind of stuff. I think this guy looks so mean that he would somehow extort money from the buyer AND the seller, and then threaten all our families.

Plus his name sounds silly.

I intentionally left his phone number visible because if you are looking for a realtor, I think I have found one here who is probably not selling himself super well. So I am helping him out a little 'cause his photo sure isn't. You're welcome Pappa. And by the way, Pap - if I can call you that because girls love us some Paps - your friends aren't your friends if they:

a. dressed you for this photo shoot
b. took this picture and said, yeah that one's a keeper
c. printed the sign for you
d. helped you put up the sign and publicize your booming real estate career

As an addendum, the property is still for sale. Surprise!

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