Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pics from Paralympics

Here are some of our photos from the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games Friday night:

On Saturday, we went downtown Vancouver to check out the pavillions and attractions that we didn't get to experience during the Olympics. Unfortunately, the line to hold Olympic medals was still about 3 hours long, so we opted for Canada House, Manitoba House, BC Hydro House and Robson Square. No free Ziptrek for us, as the wait was still quite long and Jack's broken arm and small size would have excluded him from the fun! However, we did go down to Waterfront to see the Paralympic cauldron. The camera died at that point so Mike took a couple of photos on his phone. We'll upload those soon! From Waterfront, we rushed off to our Ice Sledge Hockey game at the brand new UBC Thunderbird Arena.

Fun Fun Fun! What a great event! The athleticism and dexterity of these guys was so impressive! It was a fast, hard-hitting game. I would like to see any NHL player try ice sledge hockey. Man oh man, I was exhausted just watching them! Ethan and Jack were cheering loudly for USA, and they ended up beating Korea 5-0. Our two little cuties made it onto the Jumbotron as they were wearing giant red foam stetson hats that said USA on the sides! Fame... They were pretty pumped!

And today? We hung out in Home Depot for hours. The spring is inspiring us to get cracking on a couple of minor home repairs, like fixing the ugly doorbell. Well, at least it inspired us to go out and purchase some of these fixit thingys. We'll see how fast we actually get them all done!

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