Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And Again, I Spoke Too Soon

Remember last week, when I posted this?
"Jack is also performing well in class, and I admire his teacher to no end for keeping the Silly in check for 2-1/2 hours daily. Also, I may be jinxing myself here, but we are now in April and we haven't been called to the principal's office YET on account of Jack's behaviour. Please keep your fingers crossed that my kindergartner can hold it together until June."



Not even two days later, I'm beckoned over at Kindergarten pickup. RUH-Roh, as Scooby would say. Turns out Jack was so disruptive in class that he had to work in the hallway. So, not quite the principal's office, but he's on verrry thin ice.

So me and Madame, we talk to Jack. Does he understand what it means to work in the hallway? Yes, he says, it means he's closer to the bathroom in case he needs to go. NNnnnooo, we say, it means you have been too naughty to stay in class. It means you are not being fair to the other kids if you don't let them learn. It means you need to behave a lot better in school because school is a place to learn. Oh, OK, says Jack.

But has he gotten it? Really? I don't think so. So I get Ethan to talk to Jack. Ethan takes it very seriously and closes me and Mike out on the other side of the kitchen door. We try to eavesdrop but all we can hear is: Do you understand, Jack? I SAID Do you understand?

Ethan comes out and says, Well, he didn't get it the first time, but I think he gets it now. I DID have to ask him twice though.

And he rolls his eyes in a conspiratorial co-parent kind of way. Boys. What're you gonna do? Right Mummy?



Just to completely switch tracks here - I know I'm late to the party, but I love Glee! If you're not watching it, you should be. It cracks me up!


Cathy said...

The Conspiratorial Co-Parent! Oh my, that's hysterical! I love it though, I hope at least one of mine leaps into responsibility. Your boys crack me up.

Unknown said...

You crack me up....It reminds me of a show that comes on monday nights.....ah....forget it....I will get in trouble with mike...hehehehehe

Unknown said...

Tamsin this is too funny! I remember spending alot of time in the hallway eating my lunch!I hope he is not taking after me ;)