Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jack Speaks Zulu and Ethan Becomes a Star

Several years ago, while attending a grand opening ceremony in Soweto, South Africa - with a large number of local dignitaries present, no less - my fellow travellers and I got a fit of the giggles every time they spoke in Zulu (or was it Xhosa? - both are clicking languages I think). So immature, I know, but it was a combination I think of jet lag, hunger and dehydration. I am now reminded of this every day as Jack has taken to clicking instead of speaking English.
I think his interest in language (or disinterest in English) stems from the news that Ethan is enrolled in French Immersion, starting in September. Jack first adopted "Spanish" as his language of choice while staying with my parents for the weekend in early June. He would utter an unintelligible phrase, and then helpfully translate for them: "That was Spanish for 'pass the milk, Grandma'"! And on it went.
Now he clicks. All day long. I am constantly giggling (still haven't gotten over it, I guess!) He clicks faster when excited or extra mischievous, and there are different sounding clicks for yes, no, and other basics. For instance, "cluck" with an eyebrow raise is yes. "Tlick" with a frown is no. Then there is the general under-clicking, like muttering, that occurs while he is concentrating on a drawing or a puzzle. He cracks me up.
I took the two of them to Fort Langley the other day to visit the Fort. I hadn't been in years (they actually gave me an Ambassador pass at the gate as a former resident, so I can bring other guests back for free) and we had a fantastic time. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the boys had panning for gold, watching the blacksmith pound metal and the cooper make barrels. Ethan was disappointed at the gold panning, but only because he was expecting treasure to pop out of his pan, like a gold crown or a necklace or something. After watching a couple of trains rumble by, we stopped by Driediger's on the way home for some blueberries.
Rhonda Driediger is a friend of ours, we ski together over the winter, and the boys love to visit her farm and pick berries. When we were there for strawberries earlier in the year, I think the boys ate more than I bought! Jack swore up and down that he hadn't eaten any, but if you take a close look at his face you will notice a red goatee that would suggest otherwise. I sent Rhonda the pictures from strawberry picking, and she added an adorable one of Ethan and his bucket to their website. So here's the address where you can view the budding star! Driediger Farms website
We went bowling today, which was a hoot. They had bumpers in the gutters so we could avoid a score of zero on most turns. I still managed to bowl only a 92 - 3 whole points higher than Ethan, who has never bowled before in his little life. Jack could barely roll them all the way to the end, but still managed a respectable 79 points. They prefer bowling on the Nintendo Wii at home, though!
The boys are off to Pedalheads bike camp (Ethan) and YMCA camp (Jack) again tomorrow morning. More on that next post! Signing off from soggy Surrey - Tamsin

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