Thursday, August 30, 2007

Camping Our Way

I'm feeling a little bit guilty. What will happen the day our boys go camping with other people for the first time and they realize that what they have been doing up until then is pseudo-camping at best?

We set up our tent in Summerland last weekend for a brief 2-day trip. That's about all Mike and I can muster for our annual camping duty. Once we were all set up, Ethan said, "So when can we go to dinner?" See, the thing is that we prefer to eat at Boston Pizza in Penticton rather than cooking over a fire or even using our Coleman Road Trip deluxe stove with griddle plate and 42" legs. We watched part of the Ironman while we ate, and it was so busy that we weren't done until after 9 pm. The boys got their cookies for dessert but were not allowed to eat them as it was too late.

We all went to sleep in the tent as soon as we got back to the campsite, and although we didn't get much sleep through the night (I swear there was a mouse somewhere near my head), both of us were sound asleep when Jack woke us up by saying "Can I have my cookie now?" Ethan snored a while longer then we all wandered down to the showers. We had quite a relaxing day - Mike signed up for next year's race (with a 3-week opt-out option), we had coffee, went and played at the park, had a picnic, played baseball and frisbee, went to the beach and swam in the lake, read magazines, and made our way back to the campsite. We embraced the camping spirit a little by roasting weenies and marshmallows, then washed up and went to bed. Packed up in the morning before the 9:15 sprinklers started, and headed home. Phew - safe for another year!

Besides our camping excursion (can you really call it an excursion when you sleep on a queen size air mattress and use Calvin Klein sheets and duvet?) there is nothing much else to report this week. We got some clothes for the kids for fall, and I think we're ready for this Kindergarten thing. Next week you'll hear how the first days of school go!

Bye for now - Tamsin.

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