Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Le premier jour d'ecole!

Ethan started Kindergarten today! It was very exciting for all of us, also honestly a little bit emotional for me, and he thoroughly enjoyed his first day. When Mme Toniolo called out his name during roll call, he said in a clear strong voice, "Ici!". He also understood, even though she spoke only French during the instructions, that he was to colour the picture in crayons and print his name with a pencil on the page. I think he's actually going to learn French! Bravo!
Next week it will be Jack's turn to start preschool, and the day that both their schedules finally coincide and I drop them both off, expect a few more waterworks. Maybe I should make a Costco run to pick up some Kleenex...

A bientot!

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