Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Family Wedding and a Family Fight

Jack and I had our first real fight yesterday. I have made a house rule - I think it's reasonable - that penises are only allowed out while in the bathroom. Otherwise, they must "keep the mouse in the house". I am tired of being flashed every time I turn around. You would think that I had told him he had to sleep on a bed of nails every night from now on. So right after I've informed them of the new regime, he pulls it out of his pyjama pants. I tell him that every time he exposes himself outside of the bathroom, I will take a toy away. Jack stands there in gunslinger stance, hand on his "holster". If he had spit tobacco out of the corner of his mouth, I wouldn't have been surprised! He then went into a routine of pull it out, tuck it away. I got madder and madder. There are now 17 toys in my closet. At one point I said, "That's four toys gone; want to make it five, Jack?" He replied, "Yes, and six after that." Ethan couldn't stop giggling. I didn't win; I just left the room after 17. For all I know he is still up there exposing himself.

We spent last weekend in Victoria and Sooke for Briana and Rob's wedding. It was a beautiful day, and everything went very well. I took the boys over on Thursday night, and on Friday we were joined by M&D, Mike, and the Cowdens. Briana and Rob spent the day in Sooke with Rob's family getting everything ready while I was in charge of the 4 little boys. We had a good time playing outside, building Lego and playing Candyland and Bingo. When reinforcements arrived mid-afternoon, I dashed downtown to solve some last-minute bridal party underwear malfunctions and to buy a new pair of shoes to go with my dress. Don't ask.

We all went to dinner at Boston Pizza - how happy were they to see a party of 14? and then the Lehns and the Cowdens went to the Marriott and had some apple martinis before calling it a night in our nice hotel rooms. Ben and Renee arrived to their hotel sometime that night. I met Briana at the hair salon bright and early with Starbucks in hand, and afterwards we went to get ready in my hotel room. Bit by bit (and according to the detailed schedule drawn up by none other than yours truly - quelle surprise!) everyone found their way to Three Acres, the property in Sooke. Briana and I snuck our way into the cabin to hide from Rob and before long, we started the wedding ceremony. It was a lovely outdoor setting and the ceremony was very nice. Rob rowed Briana away in a small boat up the coast to the reception site at his parents' home, while we walked the path joining the two properties. The reception was full of good food and moving speeches, and 315 photos later (Mike was responsible for the photography) Briana and Rob drove off to start their honeymoon. As we were all exhausted, we drove back to the hotel and crashed after dinner.

The morning after the wedding we dropped Mike at the Clipper to ferry over to Seattle. He flew to Houston that afternoon, and he'll be in LA after that. This is a 12-day trip, longer than usual, and I feel the summer slipping away! After he gets back, we'll take the boys camping for a few days and then school will be upon us before we know it!


Anonymous said...

Oh My. The vision of the Penis Cowboy made me laugh so hard, I almost peed.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that comment was by Cathy W.