Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greetings from south of the border - way south...

Buenos dias on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning! I am posting from San Diego this morning and it's gorgeous and HOT! I am staying with Nancy, Troy and their three children and we are enjoying ourselves mucho! (I talked to the boys at home last night and "Party Time" - i.e. anytime Mummy is not home - is in full swing. They are having a great time too!)

Yesterday morning we dropped the kids off at school first thing. Their school is really cool. It's so funny, coming from a different climate to one where you don't have to worry about weather. Their school has no gym. Why would you need one when it's sunny 364/365 days a year? They have a large school yard to play in instead, and assemblies are held outside also. The kids all eat their lunch at the picnic areas outside every day. They have had one rain day since they started school. Also, all kids need to swipe in and swipe out through the security system which is freaky but also good to know they are locked into the school and the bad guys can't get them.

Nancy and I went for brunch in La Jolla (delicious pesto scramble for me, tuscan omelette for Nancy) and then drove down to Coronado where we strolled around on the beautiful beach on base and did some tax-free discount shopping at the Nex store for Armed forces members and their families. I got a cute purple purse for CHEAP! Then we went to the famous landmark Del hotel in Coronado, shopped at the sweet shop and saw them building the ice rink outside where the pool normally is. The ice rink is basically right on the beach and it was very incongruous to see ice and palm trees together. It was 25 degrees!!!

After Coronado, we hit Target. Oh, I did some damage there, let me tell you. I got a LOT of Christmas shopping done for the boys, all for $220 so I am still well within my $400 duty-free allowance. Goody goody! I started to feel a little uneasy as she bagged it all up, wondering how on earth it would all fit in my luggage! (Don't worry, I unpackaged some Transformers and packed everything last night to be sure. I'll be busting at the seams, but I will make it home)

We picked up the kids from school and came back to the house. We took Katie to the park. Katie is 3 going on 13 and she is adorable. She is a daredevil, and with two older brothers who would expect anything less? Aidan and Spencer are getting handsomer every day. They play hockey, so later today we are going to watch their game at the rink. We went to In N Out Burger for dinner last night. I was very excited!

So today we are going to the beach at Mission Bay and then after dinner, Nancy and I are escaping a little for some drinks or something. I'll post the pics when I get home!

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Cathy said...

Sounds like a great vacation for you! I'm itching to get back to that area, basically to eat, but I wouldn't mind hitting some of the sites either. I can't wait to take Chris to the San Diego Zoo.