Monday, November 17, 2008

San Diego Pictures

I was a little bit excited to eat at In N Out.

The Del Hotel Coronado.

Me dipping my toes in the ocean on a hot sunny day!

A self-portrait of me and Nancy on the beach.

A lifeguard station at the beach on base that we had all to ourselves.

On the boardwalk

Mission Bay

Here's my wave!

Up for a millisecond!

Here goes Nancy!

And she's up!

Surfing was so much fun! On my last wave, I totally wiped out and the fins on the board whacked my elbow. It turned out to be only a tiny cut but my whole arm went dead. I thought I'd broken my arm! I couldn't feel anything but the lower half of my arm swung and hit me across the stomach and I thought "Oh no, that's not good". I thought it was somehow disconnected from the top half of my arm! Luckily, Nancy's neighbour who was teaching us to surf is a doctor, and he checked my arm out right away. I guess it just hit my funny bone really hard! My arm is still numb 24 hours later. I have feeling back in my thumb, index and middle fingers but ring and pinky are dead still. And the backside of my forearm too! I initially got some feeling back a few hours after it happened, but my elbow swelled a little on the plane ride home and it got numb again. So I got a surfing injury - can you believe it? It was so much fun; I can't wait to try it again. And the best part is that both Nancy and I got to cross it off our bucket lists.
What an awesome weekend!


Cathy said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! In a fit of pregnant jealousy, I told Eric you went to In and Out Burger, and he really wanted to know what you ate there, since he couldn't see past the burgers? What's your favorite: shakes, fries, do you do a veggie burger? It all sounds scrumptious to me! And Congrats on the Surfing Injury, something you'll never forget. Too bad it didn't leave a scar, that would've been a super cool and much more impressive to the boys!

Unknown said...

Tamsin San Diego looks beautiful! How wonderful to have some warm weather and be surfing!