Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Shoe Challenge

My friend Cathy challenged me to this – take a picture of your newest shoes and your oldest shoes, and tell a little story of each.

On the left, we have Ol' Faithfuls. I bought these loafers in California when we were living there, at least a year before Ethan was born. They were a fancy brand name but I don't remember which as all identification has been rubbed off. These shoes have really held up well; I wore them to work all through my pregnancy with Ethan. The next time I needed to use work shoes was after I had Jack, so I pulled these out of storage and crammed my feet inside. The first few times back at work they hurt me, since my feet went up a size with my pregnancies (thanks boys). But the miracle of these shoes is that they have grown with me. They are the only ones that have survived my childbearing years; thus they are my oldest pair. Since they are "loafers" I only wear them with "slacks". It's only right.

On the right, my cutest newest pair of flats. I bought them only a month ago to go with a brown dress Chantal handed-me-down. I don't normally do brown, but the dress was cute and I needed brown shoes all of a sudden! Also, I'm happy that flats are still fashionable this year. I don't need the extra height (although when I tried on a pair of 4 inch heels - hoo boy I felt pretty powerful. But in a hookerish way) and I love the comfort. Also, flats are great to take with you to parties as your "indoor" shoes. More fashionable than slippers, yet just as comfy.

So there you have it. Interesting, no? Then tag you're it!

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