Friday, December 5, 2008

Why I am Evil

The boys and I drew two stockings out of the pile at Jack's preschool to fill up for underprivileged children - specifically, for two 11-year-old boys. They are kind of difficult to buy for at that age, but I felt so bad seeing that whole pile of empty stockings that I had to take two to fill.

I went to the mall and got a pile of stuff for each of them...

...but here is my confession.

I ate the chocolate bars that I bought for these poor boys' stockings. In the car before I even made it home. Both of them. I am going straight to Hell.


Cathy said...

As Eric pointed out, if you eat one, well, you must eat the other one, otherwise they're not getting the same thing.

Tamsin said...

Ha! Ha! You know, I'm all about being fair! Thanks for justifying my actions!