Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're in!

We're not exactly unpacked yet, but we are moved in!

Our boys are over the moon and love the new house. Imagine our joy to discover there are boys next door, they go to the same school AND they enjoy playing hockey and riding bikes! In fact, the older boy remembers playing hockey with Ethan at recess all last year. Ethan just remembers playing hockey with "some big boys". Since we moved in, the boys have had a lot of fun running around the house, playing in the back yard, building tons of Lego, and of course playing with the boys next door.

Meanwhile, I have been attacking the pile of boxes. Our bedroom and the bathrooms are looking pretty good and the kitchen should be done by tomorrow. We are picking up another couple of pieces of furniture this weekend, so by this time next week I hope to feel a little more settled!

As for the boys' rooms, besides getting beds and dressers ready on the first day, I am putting them off. The garage is full of boxes of kids' toys and I don't want to bring them inside! Truthfully, the boys did not miss any of those toys that will have been packed away for close to three months. All we had at our temporary home was Lego and a few outdoor toys. Granted, come winter we will want something to occupy them indoors, but I am SO reluctant to bring all that stuff in. I am going to wait until they're in school and take a whole load to Toy Traders and the Salvation Army. Um, no, the boys don't know that yet!

It's awfully hard to sit here when there are boxes sitting in my line of sight. So... hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!

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