Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Team 4!

Ethan had his first honest-to-goodness hockey game yesterday. Score clock and uniforms, cheering crowds in the freezing-ass stands, referees and whistles, breakaways and faceoffs. And I'm just such an awesome mom that I can't even remember his team's name. Yey team!

Ethan wasn't really too keen on pausing for the pre-game photo op. I guess he needs to be trained in keeping the paparazzi happy. (he's #7, "streaking" onto the ice here)
This is our boy in his pre-game skate. He's on the left and I can say proudly he is NOT the one fallen on the ice. He did keep his footing in this drill despite skates that were badly in need of sharpening.
He also was responsible for a couple of faceoffs. Now, it may look like he forgot his stick here, but I can assure you he did have one. Also, please don't judge him because he is facing off the completely wrong way. In his defense, they have not done faceoffs in practice so he really had no clue. And he did quite well, if by "well" you mean that he touched the puck first and passed it directly to the other team immediately.
He had a great time, and they won 8-5. Ethan's plus-minus is +3, if you're counting. I'm not even sure they keep track of that in Timbits league, but there you have it. Lots of fun. I was dismayed, however, to discover that his hockey equipment is already beginning to stink. I thought I had a while before we would need to fumigate his gear!

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Jim said...

Get the gear out of the bag.....let dry....EVERY TIME add lots of "bounce" will be