Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Report

Hello all,
I am trying to catch up on a bunch of things I wanted to share, so I'm going to try to write a bit every day. I think I'm going to work backwards, though, and give you our Halloween report for 2009!
The Mario Brothers took our town by storm!
Seriously, how cute are they?
And then this strange spider-webby lady swooped in:
We spent Friday at the school, with me hosting a craft station in the morning for the Kindergarten Halloween party. After making 40 ghosts with 40 five-year-olds, I am happy that there are no more Kindergartners in my future after this year. I am also happy that my original costume didn't work and I didn't have to struggle with the extra spider arms after all. The web on my dress didn't get in the way! After Jack and I were done, it was time to hand out hot lunch to Ethan's class, then we hung out in the playground until the costume parade after lunch. And by "hung out" I mean I hovered over Ethan and Jack, not letting them climb on anything or play on anything in case they ripped their costumes that I had spent over 20 hours sewing.
The costume parade was awesome and lots of fun for the kids. We eventually got home from school - what a long day!
Mike and I went to our friends' for dinner on Friday night, and I will certainly have to change names to protect the not-so-innocent. We had a raucous good time for "Tim's" birthday and were extremely thankful that the boys didn't get up until 8 am Saturday morning. Halloween was crazy busy as usual and before we knew it, it was late afternoon and time to get costumes on. Ethan asked me at 4 pm when we were going to carve pumpkins? FAIL - Mummy didn't actually get to the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern thing this year. Blame the damn costumes, son.
Our friends arrived at 6:30 and away we went, the kids running from house to house. 90 minutes later we hauled the kids home with their gigantic bags bulging with candy.
And today, surprisingly, no sugar crash... yet. Maybe tomorrow?

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