Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Am English

Sadly, England's quest for the World Cup has just ended. But I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all the soccer games the last couple of weeks, and I'm excited to watch a few more. If Brazil and the Netherlands meet in the quarters, that will be a good game, and Argentina should progress through and give this young German team a run. I'm happy to see Ghana do well, too. What I liked about the England-Germany game today was the lack of diving - the South Americans and Africans are Bad in that regard. Or Naughty, as the English announcers would say. And don't even get me started on the Spain-Portugal match - I won't be able to watch that one because I'll get too irate. And Japan-Paraguay is just not interesting to me. If the English had actually continued playing the match after they were robbed of Lampard's goal today, it would have been a treat to watch. The Germans played well; textbook passes and good runs. They deserved it. Sigh.

Whether it's the amount of soccer I've been watching lately or the fact that I am completely green with envy over my parents' upcoming 2-month vacation in England, I really really really am feeling desperately English lately. (It also could be my glowing white legs making an appearance during the brief episode of sun on Friday - you can't get more English than MY skin tone) I've been craving English foods, and wanting an English vacation more than anything.

I took the boys to our local British import shop the other day; just before Father's Day actually. Ostensibly I was there to get Scotch Pies and Bangers for my dad's father's day present, but *somehow* I walked out of there with about $50 in chocolate, crisps and biscuits. Ethan is now a fan of Jammie Dodgers - I have created a monster!

So as I was watching - what else - World Cup the other day, Jack asked if he could have a Flake. I mumbled distractedly in the affirmative and off he ran. Are you familiar with Flakes? Delicious, but the messiest chocolate bar ever as it's a jumble of flaked chocolate that essentially explodes into crumbs as you eat it. At half time, I came into the kitchen and there was chocolate everywhere. Piles of little pieces of chocolate all over the table, floor, and melted onto various parts of Jack's body. In fact, the net weight of the chocolate we swept up seemed to be more than the amount of grams listed on the packet, so I'm not really sure how much actually got inside Jack. Lesson learned: pay careful attention when the word "Flake" is mentioned.

Somehow, after all my cheese and Branston sandwiches, tea and shortbread, my pants miraculously don't need a belt anymore. The dryer must be shrinking the waistbands. Hm.

World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France starting up next weekend - all on the heels of the Olympics to boot - this is a fantastic month for sports. Those are all my favourites to watch!

The boys have a day and a half left in school, then we are on to summer fun starting June 30th! We're going camping after Canada Day (just a little, enough to placate the boys and not so much that us grown-ups go crazy) and have lots of outings planned around our local area. Now we just need the weather to cooperate!

I was very excited the other day - Jack was sick and home from school. Not that his being sick was so cool, but only going to the school twice in one day rocked - 8:30 to 2:30 without being interrupted by a Kindergarten pickup was awesome! It gave me a taste of what it's going to be like in the fall, and I like that taste A LOT. I got SO much done, and Jack is such a good little patient that he is easy to take care of when he's sick. He's better now, and we are looking forward to visiting my parents this afternoon for Greek Day in Kits. Ooh, the food we will consume!!!

It may even take away a few English cravings... or maybe not. I'm not sure what will cure my homesickness for a country I only lived in for the first two years of my life. Whenever I am in England I feel Home. Even if they see me as Canadian through and through - and I love Canada - I am English at heart. I asked for a plane ticket for my birthday but I'm not holding my breath. I will just turn my sights toward enjoying Canada Day on Thursday (but the red I wear may secretly be for St. George).

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Unknown said...

My deepest regrets that England lost to Germany....NOT....they dragged their heels all game long. Hence a Jaguar will never be a Mercedes....

Enjoy Greek days! Lol. Need to rub it in a bit after you ....well you know.