Monday, June 14, 2010

Tempus fugit

Hello June, nice to meet you. I am "super happy" that you want to just fly right on by. Do you think you could have paused a little on the one and a half sunny days we have had since February??? I'd like you to stick around a little while, but only if you're going to keep bringing the sunshine. thank you.


These boys have broken me.

No, really. I think my toe is broken. Still not sure EXACTLY how it all went down, but one moment the three of us were happily walking on our way to get a slurpee, next moment we were all TKO'd on the sidewalk. Jack skinned his knee, Ethan twisted his ankle and his 67 pounds stomped down with the other foot onto my poor toe. We're all blaming Jack, but really with no just cause. Even Jack says it's his fault but doesn't know how or why.

But like the trooper I am, we hobbled on to the Slurpee store.
Then I very seriously considered calling Mike to come and get us. I didn't think I would make it home with a potentially broken toe, down the hill, in flip flops. I did in the end, but it took a whopping 45 minutes to limp home. Sad, sad.

I am icing my toe now but man, is it ever burning in pain under there! Luckily I just got a pedi this morning (on a whim when I got done photocopying at the school) so my toes look awful pretty. They don't exactly FUNCTION, per se, but they look good. Until the bruising sets in.

Countdown to end of school: 9 days
Time is a-flyin' by!

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