Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Tidbits

17 children in one Undersea Garden birthday party is about 15 too many for my head. I am SO glad Liam had a great time – so did our boys and Hannah too – but I think the adults would all concur that we were glad for a little caffeine boost and cake pick-me-up at the Spaghetti Factory after!

Ethan’s tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are scheduled for Monday, December 3rd. I am looking forward to correcting the sleep apnea but scared to death about the surgery. Even more so, I dread the recovery for my little drama king. Or, more accurately, how Mike and I will handle his recovery.

Hours without power due to windstorm: 13-1/2. Hours spent playing board games by candlelight: 4. Hours without internet and phone due to windstorm: 31. Hours Mike went crazy: 31.

While we’re on statistics, approximate number of times I visit Costco per year: 57. I should buy stock.

Note: my boy Becks looks just as good in person from 15 feet away as he does on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Our front row seats to the LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps game were priceless. Sigh. I love Beckham – er, soccer.

It’s very unsettling to hear your 5 year-old call his 3-1/2 year-old little brother “you old bugger”.

Interesting how one boy’s “happy song” (repeated over and over, it’s true) makes the other boy SO mad he screams until he loses control altogether and knocks the happy brother off his stool and ends up on the naughty mat for 5 minutes.

I have exactly 1 hour and 57 minutes between dropping Jack off at preschool and leaving to pick Ethan up at Kindergarten, twice a week. I can do more in that 1 hour and 57 minutes than in 12 hours of time with the boys. Yet somehow, I never feel I’ve accomplished QUITE enough!

I am in my seventh week of my healthier plan. I do 3-4 cardio workouts a week, 1-2 Yoga session, and sometimes 1 weights session too. Despite a two-week back injury at the end of September, a chocolate-tasting party, and two binge days at Halloween, I am overall doing very well. Eating better consistently is easy as long as I allow myself some treat at the end of each day. A small square of dark chocolate fits the bill every time! My goals are: bikini in Belize for New Year’s, Sprint distance triathlon in April and Olympic distance triathlon in July or August.

Ethan and Jack have created something “fun” called the Fart Zone. This involves surrounding me and farting multiple times, then laughing hysterically when I scramble out of the area. I am alarmed since they are only 3 and 5 and they can fart on command. Not cool. What else is in store for me in this house?

Coming up: reports on our second annual Scavenger Hunt (to be held this Saturday)! Have a great week everyone!

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