Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Week in Review

The boys have great senses of humour, honest. Just when you hear the following conversation between them, you may not believe it.

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Lantern who?
Lanterns can’t talk.

So we move on to:

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
You who?
(this one may be more promising…)
You aren’t a lantern.
(OK, so this joke sucked, too.)

Aaron gave Ethan a Knock Knock book ages ago, and I’m sorry to report that it hasn’t rubbed off. At all.

This week I made Jambalaya, Mike’s favourite dinner ever. I made his with spicy sausage and extra cayenne. Then I made a second version for me with veggie sausage and less spice. Finally, the boys’ version had veggie sausage, no spice, and was made with “ketchup” – tomato sauce really. So after me cooking for 2 hours, the only one who enjoyed his dinner was Mike. I have a hard time enjoying my meal when one boy is crying hysterically because “his dinner stinks… and it doesn’t even LOOK good” and the other is riding along on his brother’s discontent. All this after just having a conversation last weekend about trying to teach the boys table manners, because we don’t want to turn out like other children we’ve seen, etc. I was humbled tonight, let me tell you. I eventually just left the room after telling Ethan how much he had hurt my feelings.

We had a fantastic time last weekend on our Scavenger Hunt. It was adults only, and we had a list of digital photos to get, and tons of items to scavenge, all in the space of 2 hours. We all met here and divided into 3 teams of 4 people by drawing a bandanna out of a sack. Our team was Mike, me, Chad and Kim and we kicked butt. Seriously – Team Green got 505 points, and the other two got 360 and 305. We were having a great time, and then it came to judging where we all judged the other teams. I have never heard it so loud in this house! It was hysterical!

The next day, we picked up the boys and Grandma and went for burgers at Red Robin. Mike dropped me off at a Christmas-card-making party and then he took them to their friend Gavin’s birthday party. They ended up by going to the fire hall – fun for Jack; not so much for Ethan who had a little fit about being inside there. His claustrophobia again? I don’t know.

We celebrated American Thanksgiving this week, too. Mike’s company sent us a giant honey-baked ham so I made a big meal with that, potatoes, squash, and amazing “haricots frites” – green beans blanched, then tossed quickly in hot oil with sesame seeds. So good! Then we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert – yum!

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