Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 Things On, Under or Near My Desk at Work

  1. Pictures – school photos of each of the boys, one of them with Santa, a Sears shot of the four of us and Mike crossing the finish line at Ironman Canada.
  2. Empty Starbucks cup – Decaf Tall Vanilla Latte, if you must know – a break from my usual weekly treat which is a Decaf Tall No Whip Peppermint Mocha.
  3. Many power cords – just a tangled jungle of mess that really pisses me off every time I have to crawl under the desk with my butt in the air just to plug the freakin’ laptop in.
  4. 2 laptops and a desktop computer – because I need the desktop for the internet and the intranet, my laptop for everything I work on at home, and the work laptop for the specialized programs I use for online course creation. It’s a little bit much, switching between all three all day.
  5. A broken scanner – useless desk-space-taker-upper.
  6. My masculine briefcase – no, I did not receive a beautiful feminine tote for my birthday. I still use the beast.
  7. Thumbtacks stuck onto the board in a happy face design – from a day I was trying to stay awake.
  8. Many pens but surprisingly no pencil – I could get off my butt and go get one from the supply cabinet I guess. Maybe I’ll get that accomplished next week.
  9. A fleece vest for the arctic days – we used to call our floor the wine cellar because they kept us in the basement at an optimum temperature for slowly aging. And we whined about it.
  10. Water glass – although our office has many colours of glasses, I find I can only drink water from blue or green. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.
  11. My David Beckham collage – the ladies at work all contributed newspaper clippings of my Becks around the time I had tickets to Whitecaps vs. Beckham – I mean the LA Galaxy. I wasn’t allowed to put up the underwear ads, though.
  12. File folders – interesting story. I recently went to find some folders to file some very important stuff away, and there in the cabinet were folders with MY OWN WRITING on them that I had used when I was in the department in 1997. I was very happy to recycle those back into circulation.
  13. Snacks – it just wouldn’t be my desk without food.

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