Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen things that the male members of this household think happen by magic:

  1. Dinner appears on the table – poof! Every night!
  2. Clean clothes always reappear in the drawer, inside-outed and folded and ready to wear.
  3. Library books go back on time and thus no fines are incurred.
  4. Bottles get returned to the bottle depot and the magic fairy who takes them there keeps every penny for herself. (Hey, it’s not much but it is a couple of Starbucks’ worth)
  5. Permission slips and show and tell appear in the kids’ backpacks – ta da!
  6. Groceries. Stocked in the cupboards and fridge.
  7. When going somewhere overnight, somebody has thought of everything and even thoughtfully packed that everything into convenient bags.
  8. Playdates, appointments and other items on the calendar automatically appear on the family planner at the beginning of each week.
  9. We get registered for fun camps and special outings.
  10. Birthday parties – kids appear on cue and there is food and games for them. Goody bags are full and go home with the kids, but there are always two left over for the boys of the house.
  11. All the blinds in the house mysteriously open in the morning and close at night.
  12. Food that is left in the sink somehow grinds itself up.
  13. Like magic, we always get caught when we’re awake when we shouldn’t be.

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