Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Resolutions (Better Late Than Never)

  1. Run a 48 minute 10k. I haven’t picked the race yet, but it won’t be the Sun Run. It’s too crowded to get a good chip time. In order to do a 48 minute 10k, I will be going to the gym on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Yoga on Saturdays. I also hope to get an additional run in one other day each week. 48 minutes = faster than I’ve ever run. We’ll see how I do!
  2. Donate hair. I need to grow my hair another inch or so in order to have enough to give 8 inches of hair to cancer wigs. Mike says if I am cutting all mine off, he is growing his to his shoulders. Who will be uglier? Photos later this year...
  3. Treat my skin better. Now this one is frustrating. I moisturized this morning, in accordance to these new resolutions, and I do not see one iota of difference. Humpf on this one. I’ll still be good with the sunscreen (although the sunny days of summer feel like a LONG way away) but it will be hard to do all the things a grown-up is supposed to do to retain elasticity, prevent wrinkles, reduce cellulite etc.
  4. Eat locally. I read a great book called the 100-Mile Diet, and I’d really like to try harder to support the local economy. Instead of restricting myself to exactly 100 Miles, I am going to choose BC products first. In my world this means getting local produce and buying it in season. I want to freeze more fruits and veggies when they are ripe so we have to buy less items from further away when we crave berries in the middle of winter. There will be a few exceptions – bananas, things made with wheat (but I’ll choose Canadian wheat), and of course chocolate. C’mon – of COURSE chocolate needs to be an exception! Either that or I need to move somewhere that grows cocoa beans within 100 miles. But we have great local dairy, meat, and produce, so why not buy the freshest? And it will reduce our packaged food intake which is a good thing!
  5. Get 10 items off the 40 Before 40 list. So far, I’ve Done 15 and another 7 are In Progress. There’s still an awful lot to accomplish before 2013, and several of these involve travel. So, one of the other things I want to do this year is figure out when all the travelling is going to happen!

So keep me honest people. Gotta get these things done!

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Cathy said...

You have to post your 40 before 40 list! But these resolutions sounds like some good ones!