Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kid Snippets

At the beginning of this month, we were watching the World Junior Hockey Championships – what great hockey! It was Canada vs. USA and the Canadian goalie made an amazing save. I said to Ethan to watch the replay – oh wasn’t that amazing? He was nonplussed and said huh, not really. I said that it was one of the best saves I’d seen all year. Ethan replies: “Uh, Mummy? It’s only January 2, so you have only seen this game since the Canucks were pay per view last night, so really the save is not that good since it’s not all year yet.” Smartass. He’s sSOo literal.

Jack was banished to his room for doing flips on the couch long after being asked not to, and he finally got released and came downstairs. This is what he said to me, in the most mournful voice ever: “I’m really VERY sorry, Mummy. That’s all I’m EVER going to say to you for the rest of my life as a kid. (Big Pause) At least until you’re dead.”
Then he jumped right back up onto the couch.

Their Christmas concerts have been getting better and better. This year Ethan made me laugh so much – he was just so earnest! His class traipsed out and Jack started waving like a maniac. Ethan saw us but didn’t wave; he just got this funny trying-not-to-smile look on his face and stared intently at Madame. And the way he sang – he looked like a little altar boy, all fresh and pink-scrubbed, mouth open wide. He was very serious! And very cute.

And as for Jack, his preschool 4 year old class did a play about the nativity. We were informed a couple of weeks before that Jack had been cast as an angel. And his teacher said it with a straight face, too! Snicker, snort, snicker. He had a line that he had to memorize, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. He was supposed to say “Born in a stable was Jesus your king” but what he insisted on practising all week was “Jack Lehn... Jeeee-zussss CHRIST!” Mike and I were holding our breath when it came to his turn in the performance. But he delivered his line beautifully, the correct way. BUT at the end when they were all getting introduced, his teacher says “And this is Jack, our angel” and the whole crowd of parents laughed at the irony of that. Jack turned around and shook his little booty at the audience. Oh, I wish I had video of it. Then after the play was over, he unswaddled baby Jesus and left the poor Jesus doll naked in his manger.

I had other little stories to write that I have collected in my head the past month. But I can’t seem to retrieve them at the moment so I will get caffeinated and write again later.

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