Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you stop this Roller Coaster? Because I'd like to get off now. Thank you.

All right. Here goes. Some of you know some or all of this already, but here is what has been consuming all of our time, money - oh God the money - and energy.

We sold our place. It was crazy crazy. The listing went up on MLS on a Friday (May 22), no pictures even up there, and we had a showing before it was even listed! We had more showings that Saturday and Sunday, and by Sunday night we had an offer. It was a decent one, and by Monday night we had accepted it and completed all the paperwork.

So now we had to find a house because we need to be out by June 25. Yes, that is JUNE. 25TH. OF THIS YEAR.

I went out with our realtor, who happens to be Mike's mom's best friend, and we had a fun few days traipsing through houses. On Friday the 29th, I saw one that was too expensive for us, but JUST RIGHT. I brought Mike, the kids, and his mom back for a second look that same night. We looked a little more at others that weekend, mainly I think to eliminate what we didn't want, and by Sunday night we really wanted this house. However, we didn't think they were open to offers. But Monday we made an offer. Long story short - They accepted...!!! Now we had a week to frantically scramble, or it may have been scramblically frantic, to do all that we needed to do to remove the subjects. This is where the roller coaster comes in. After the inspection came back looking pretty good, my mom asked me why I didn't sound excited. Because I really really didn't want to get my hopes up until subjects were off.

We almost lost the house for reasons I don't want to elaborate here. But - wait for it - everything fell into place and guess what? We are fabulously incredibly proud new home owners of a beautiful house a block and a half from the beach and four blocks from the kids' school. I am in heaven.

Snag - you knew there had to be one - we will be homeless for about 2 months. The boys are super excited because they don't appear to be smart enough to realize how this is making their mummy feel all puky inside just thinking about it. We will have most stuff locked away in a container somewhere, a small amount of things in a storage locker we can get to easily, and the rest in the car with us.

So wherever we may roam this summer, we hope to see or talk to all of you regularly. We'll head up to Whistler for a bit, Vancouver for some, and who the hell knows where else. But it's all good by the end of August, and we will for sure be settled by the time school starts again in September!

Now I have 11 days to pack. So see ya on the flip side!

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Cathy said...

Road trip to Indiana?