Friday, June 26, 2009

Moving is AWESOME (That's irony people)

I read a quote about moving recently that equated it to childbirth: something along the lines of you forget how bad it is until you go through it again, and then you wonder why you did this to yourself again? Yeah. It sucked just about as bad as labour, only the process went on much longer than labour.
As if I didn't have enough to do with a very short timeline: a husband on a business trip, kids' end-of-year activities and a newly redefined job with extra hours required, Mike blew out his knee 10 days before our move. Brilliant. And totally sucky.

Thankfully we have amazing friends who took care of our kids and helped me move everything because oh Lord I am just one bitty person trying to do it all. But I ended up very proud of what I accomplished. Damn I'm good.

We are now comfortably ensconsed in our summer home, mere steps from the beach in a two bedroom suite underneath a friend's house. We will be here until the end of August when - oh JOY - we move AGAIN, this time into the place we've bought and where I fully intend on staying until they wheel me out of there into my retirement home.

Just as an aside, do you know what Jack calls the bathroom? The "Butts and Nuts" room. I just had to share.

The boys have finished school for the summer and this morning I felt very happy not to have to rush everyone out the door. Then by this afternoon I realized that summer is going to be a lot of work because holy cow, school was a great occupier of my kids' time! Now the entertainment is ALL ME! I'm a little scared, quite frankly. But based on previous summers, I know we will have a blast. And a beach field trip is only 2 minutes from our door, so it's all good.

Now I will finish watching this King of Pop retrospective and moonwalk down the hall to bed.

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Cathy said...

Butts and Nuts? Oh boy. This is what I have to look forward to having two boys. Oh, how I wish you and I were closer, sounds like you and I could really use going for a drink and lunch!