Sunday, May 16, 2010

Commercial Boy, Part 2

Home from Costco with a large load. Jack askes me as we unpack the mega-Chips Ahoy package:

"Is that a national brand?"

"Yessss..." (I know where this is going - I can sense the commercial about to start)

"Did you know that there is a cookie with more chips per bite than the leading national brand?"

Sigh. And if you could just hear his little voice saying it, you would die. He talks in the words of an adult sometimes, but he has the squeakiest 2-year-old's voice in a mini 6-year-old body. He is still "firsty" for something to drink, and sometimes he "wides" his scooter.

Also he calls me "Hey Mister Mummypants" which makes me crack up Every. Single. Time.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Um...VIDEO!!!! Have him do some of these on camera for us. Cuz even the Verbal is Cracking me up. Mr. Mummypants....hahahahahaha. Oh, and Chris is often "Foosty" too.