Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Year/Month/Week/Day of Me

I found out something VERRRRRY interesting today. A friend of a friend sent her youngest to Grade One this year, just as I will do in the fall. This whole year, she has celebrated the Year of Laura. She drops the kids at school and then... DOES WHATEVER SHE WANTS. ALL DAY. NO GUILT.

This woman has spent entire days playing Wii by herself at home. She's enjoyed wine and Oprah. She has done anything she wanted to. She hasn't worried about what she SHOULD be doing. She has only done what SHE wanted to do that day.

I was speechless. I literally sat there with my mouth open like a fool. YOU CAN DO THAT???? What an unbelievably awesome concept. So immediately I thought about sending Jack to Grade One next year. It should be the Year of Me!!! And then next-to-immediately I thought how it could never work for me. Tuesdays and Thursdays are out because of work. Could I conceivably do what I wanted, guilt-free, three days a week from 8:35 - 2:35?

Clearly the answer is no. It's all because of that stinky guilt-free clause. But I think I should definitely work a Day of Me in there somewhere!!! September, here we come!

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Jas said...

Instead of doing a "day of Tamsin" every day, you can do "an hour of Tamsin" on those days that you work. Get creative! :)