Saturday, May 29, 2010

Commercial Boy, Part 3

I was away last weekend with my girlfriends. I was going to say that Mike went out with his boyfriends on Saturday night, but that doesn't sound quite right. What? They're friends that are BOYS! What's the problem? .... So ANYWAY he went out with the GUYS on Saturday and needed to sleep a little later on Sunday morning.

But of course he had two boys who bounced in early morning. He mumbled to them to go do something, and so they did. They read through all the weekend flyers and did a little selective cutting. Here's a sample of what they plastered onto Mike's face as he slept:

Inspired by their ingenuity, Mike took them to trade some old games for this new one. Trouble is, when I got home on Monday I found he had traded MY Guitar Hero for THEIR game. I am upset.


Jim said...

That's what happens when you use words like "boyfriends" instead of a night out with the boys!

I hear you need a motorcycle's going to cost you more than I thought.

Boys are evil!

Cathy said...

Grrr! Though I have to say, that's funny they plastered ads to Mike's sleeping face!