Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey! Where have I been?

I know - I have been IN A FUNK.

But I may be emerging, so here I am again. I'm feeling more prepared for my month away volunteering at the Olympics. The boys are back to the school routine after playing their hearts out over the Christmas break.

I have a friend who is posting pictures and writing EVERY DAY on her blog. I did that last February and I have to admit, I liked doing it. But since January did not go so well on the blogging front, I am not going to commit to posting every day this February. Especially since I will be in Whistler and working like a dog to make sure the athletes I am responsible for will have the best Games ever! But I will try to take pictures (when authorized to do so of course) :-) and write about my Games experience here.

As for the boys, Jack says "How YOU doin'?"

And Ethan's all, "Look at me, I'm awesome!"

And that sums them up just fine.