Monday, January 31, 2011

Resolution Report - January

OK, one month in and here's where I'm at:

1. Complete one anti-Hoarding project per month until December.

Actually did 2-1/2! Trunk and ottoman in the living room both cleared out. Added two new storage cubes – one for piano books, one for Wii/xBox controllers. Cleared out my closet. Bonus! also totally reorganized the shed when I was packing away the Christmas decorations.

2. Finish all 3 runs in the Diva series.

Found out the dates and marked them all in my calendar. Thought about, but did not start my training.

3. Make 5 Green switches this year.

New curbside program is helping me here! Our city is switching from weekly garbage and biweekly yard waste / recycling pickup to biweekly garbage and weekly yard waste / recycling. They have also expanded the yard waste program to include all food waste and table scrapings, which is very exciting! Our family of four has been really good at keeping our amount of garbage to a minimum, but these new changes by the city have already made a big impact on the amount we’re putting in our garbage can.

4. Get 5 items done off 40 before 40 list.

I began geneology research online but I don't really want to pay anything at the moment. I know that somewhere I have a family tree I started about 12 years ago, with the help of my grandparents and my aunt, all of whom have since passed away. So I need to recover that treasure and build on it. Also, I signed up for a trapeze lesson! Actually it's a circus training session so I will also learn to hang from those long silk Cirque du Soleil things and a bit of trampoline, too! This also reminds me that I need to post the whole 40x40 list and its updates. I'll put that up in a few days!

5. Celebrate Fridays.

Went for lunch with friends twice on Fridays during the month of January. (Worked one Friday) Got roped into kids’ school activities twice – skating field trip with Jack (where I actually had a blast), and robot-making with Ethan (sorta frustrating, but since he really wanted me there it was worth it). But even on those days I did manage to take an hour and read a magazine or something that I never normally take the time for while the kids are in school. I WILL do better in February!

All in all, not a bad start to this year, but there will be some work involved in the months to come!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Boys by Alphabet

A - Awesome. Both
B - Busy. Both
C - Cute. Jack
D - Demanding. Ethan
E - Ethan
F - Funny. Jack
G - Generous. Jack
H - Hot-tempered. Ethan
I - Inattentive. Jack
J - Jack
K - Kind. Both
L - Loving. Ethan
M - Memory. Ethan
N - Nice. Ethan
O - Outgoing. Both
P - Personable. Jack
Q - Questioning. Both
R - Reliable. Ethan
S - Stubborn. Ethan
T - Thoughtful. Ethan
U - Unique. Both
V - Vain. Jack
W - Wild. Both
X - Xcitable. Both
Y - Young. Jack
Z - Zany. Jack

2011 Resolutions

#1 - post resolutions on New Year's Day - FAIL. Oh well. At least it's still January.

Christmas was lots of fun, and although the week leading up to Christmas was quite busy, the week after was calm. The boys really enjoyed their vacation, and so did I! We chose to stay home New Year's Eve and let the boys stay up until midnight. They made it, although it was a close one for Jack - we had to nudge him a lot in the last 15 minutes! They were both snoring by about 12:12am...

On New Year's Eve, we did a Resolution Activity. We privately listed five resolutions each, then one resolution for each of our other family members. Here are the boys' results (they both decided to do six instead of five):

1. Keep my room clean.
2. Not to stash things in my room.
3. I will try not to hit Jack.
4. I will not yell at anybody.
5. To not get mad when I lose.
6. To be nice to the environment.
From Jack: Play Beyblades with Jack
From Mummy: Control your emotions and be nice to your brother
From Daddy: Don't lose your temper

1. Be respectful.
2. Do what my parents say.
3. Try to not fart.
4. Keep my room tidy.
5. Be good at school.
6. To not scream in people's ears.
From Ethan: To not punch me
From Mummy: Listen the first time and be nice to your brother
From Daddy: Listen the first time

Oh, they make me laugh.

As for me:
1. Complete one anti-Hoarding project per month until December.
If something happened to me tomorrow, I would hate people to find out what the cupboard in my coffee table holds, the state of my closet, or the boxes in the garage. I'm no Hoarder, but still. I've already reorganized the shed as my January project - I did this as I packed all the Christmas boxes away.

2. Finish all 3 runs in the Diva series.
This year, they are planning an 8k on Mar 27, a 5k or 10k on Jul 24, and a 10k or 1/2 marathon on Oct 16. I think I'll do 8, 10 and 10. Which means I should have started training already. oops. But my only real goal for the 8k in March is to better my time from my previous Diva 8, which totally sucked.

3. Make 5 Green switches this year.
There's plenty I do for the environment, but I know there is more that I CAN do. So every couple of months I'll introduce a new habit until I've made five green switches this year. For instance, I've fallen off the local eating program this winter, so one of my green switches will be to renew that committment.

4. Get 5 items done off 40 before 40 list.
I'll repost the list on here soon, with the amendments and updates since last year. But this year I think I will focus on the following five: photograph 40 friends' faces, buy something from an infomercial, learn to make pasta from scratch, learn to play poker, learn to start fire without matches. But in case you hadn't noticed, I turn 38 this year, and I still have 19 left. I don't want to leave 14 items for 18 months so I'm going to try for 10 this year!

5. Celebrate Fridays.
Remember the Year of Tamsin? I really only had 3 or 4 Fridays this fall where I was able to make the 8:35am-2:35pm time slot truly all about me. So I'd like to celebrate Fridays a little better, starting now! The first Friday after school started again, I had a nice lunch with Susanna. This past Friday I was on a course downtown so it was a write-off but next Friday I will do something wild and crazy. Guaranteed.

From Ethan: To try to lay down with me every night. To kiss and hug me at least 10 times a day.
From Jack: Play Beyblades with Jack.
From Mike: (Nothing. Guess that means I'm perfect.)

So I plan to recap these resolutions at the end of each month to keep myself on track and honest. C'mon, 2011, here we go!