Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ew gross

I "raced" a 10 km run this morning. It was beautiful (not raining) and although my ankles are sore from trying not to slip on the wet leaves in the trails, overall it went pretty well. Without training much lately (really, not training at all. Maybe I ran sometime in September? Or August. I think I walked a while ago...) I decided to make it a 5 K, and completed that in 29 minutes. I then walked 1 K and ran the rest, so I was perfectly happy with the day's results. Overall was 1 hr 9 min. I was mad because Mike had taken the boys to hockey just before I left the house, and he had the car with my sunglasses and his running glasses in it. And I did get a killer headache this afternoon, but the worst part was getting the fly in my eye. I blame the lack of glasses. And Mike, of course. I got the fly in at 2.5 K, and didn't get it out until the car on the way home. At a red light, I pulled down my eye lid and EW there it was. So I peeled it out.

I blinked just now (10 hours later) and felt something shift to the corner of my eye. Just poked around in there and pulled out a wing.

Now I am going to go throw up.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pick Your Jaw up off the Floor

Ethan's 7 today! Happy Birthday to my big man! And I'll recap later this week. But I've GOTTA tell you this related story.
Jack had picked out a very nice present for Ethan, wanted to wrap it and everything, of a lovely box of Ritz crackers. You know, the kind that are sandwiches with cheese inside? Yummy, yes. Ethan's favourite, yes. But a birthday present? Hhmmm. But whatever; Jack was stoked so I let him buy it for E.
Fast forward to Mike and I shopping for Ethan. We picked up Monsters vs. Aliens, thinking Jack could supplement his kick-ass present with a DVD. We put the kids to bed, and I went in to Jack's room to tuck him in. While in there, I whispered to him, would he like it if we tucked Monsters vs. Aliens in there as a present from him to Ethan? And his response:
"EFF Yeah!"
Um, pardon?
"Well, I'm not allowed to say the bad word, Mummy, that's why I said EFF Yeah! You know, the word with the finger?"
And he demonstrates the finger. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Because HE'S FIVE, y'all! Please somebody, tell me where he's heard the expression "Eff yeah"? The real one with the real word? Because he used it in proper CONTEXT!
I think we'll be in the principal's office sooner than any other kindergartner.