Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is Summer Finally Here?

I think it may be here. Shhh – whisper now, in case you scare it away, but it has been sunny now for almost four days. Summer? Is that you? I hardly recognize you! Wait... don’t run away... I didn’t mean to scare you off!!!
With the advent (finally) of nice weather, I have seen an alarming amount of toes this week. Let me stop right here and say that I have a thing about feet. Not a weird kinky thing; a “can’t stand ‘em” kind of a thing. The only feet I like are my own. Most feet out there are tolerable, but occasionally I’ll run into a pair that just make me cringe. You can cover them up all winter long, but once I’ve met them I will never forget them. Summer dress code is in effect at work now, so capris and open toe shoes are fair game. I was dreading today but I have to report that all the ladies at work have very nice feet, as far as feet go. Mine are looking particularly lovely at the moment due to a nice iridescent opal colour I pedi’d on last night. There are a few other feet I have met lately that would benefit from a little attention.

I just got home from playing tennis with 25 Club. None of us had played in ages, with the exception of Kim. She crammed in a game with her husband last weekend just to put us all to shame tonight! It was still a lot of fun and reminded us of old times, when Marzia and I used to play once a week or so while we were living in New West. Which is exactly what 25 Club was for, to reminisce about our pre-marriage, pre-kid years, and still have fun doing all the things we used to do when we were 25. I am so thankful to still have these great friends through all these years. I celebrate my 35th birthday next week - presents are welcome any time ;-) and that will bring us to the point where I have known some of my 25 Clubbers for 25 years. Can you even believe it? Am I really that old?

Speaking of old, I have been dabbling in golf lately. The company tournament was a lot of fun. Rajie and I were collectively terrible, but our foursome was completed by Andy and Wayne, who have about 85 years of golf experience between them. To say that they carried us through the day would be an understatement. Luckily with the Texas Scramble rules, we were able to take the best ball and all play from that spot. I actually was very close to getting the ladies’ longest drive – fluked out on that hole – and was the designated putter of my group due to some success in that area. I think the gentlemen were flattering me, but whatever – I’ll take it!

Kindergarten fun day was on Monday. The teachers had a bunch of different stations planned – bubbles, dancing to music, chalk drawing, face painting, beanbag toss, sand relay, golf... guess which parent got stuck manning the “Build things with Rocks” station? Yeah, woo hoo. Try to make that exciting for the kids. There were five of the fist-sized rocks; the rest was the gravel that you normally run right over. I actually was trying to juggle rocks by the end of the morning to try to keep their attention. Can you see me in the background here, all comfy and cozy in the GRAVEL?
The kids overall had a blast (but were puzzled by the rock station), and Madame included Jack in the day – super exciting for him. Ethan chaperoned him around to all the stations while I was, you know, building ROCKS, and he was a great older brother. Then they had snacks and we all cried when we gave Madame the end-of-year scrapbook the kids had done. She was a great teacher – who will miss her more, Ethan or me?

Tomorrow is Ethan’s last day of kindergarten and Jack’s last day of his first preschool year. I feel like it’s been a pretty momentous year for them both. They’ve grown by leaps and bounds and have really accomplished a lot this year. I’m just so proud of them!

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