Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

In the blogosphere, there is a trend to do Wordless Wednesdays where you just post a picture and ask for comments. However; there are a lot of words swirling around in my head today so I’m just gonna puke them out.
One thing I laughed my head off at this week: I was talking to another mom at school and we were sharing our frustrations about our boys not listening. Her son asks her “why?” about 50 times a day. They were in the car and she had tried to answer his whys over and over again, and eventually asked for quiet. He persisted, and she finally asked, “What part of quiet don’t you understand?” He replied “the ‘QU’”! That’s just classic; she had no choice but to laugh.

Last week we were playing Opposites Day. We usually say things like “Oh, I’m NOT hungry at all”, “There’s NO school today” or “I really DON'T want to go play”. Jack took it up a notch by turning to me and saying, “Mummy, you’re a BASTER!” (That’s not bay-ster as in turkey baster, it’s bah-ster as in bastard.) I gasped and in the shocked silence, Ethan whispers, “It’s OK, Mummy, it’s opposites day – you’re not REALLY a baster!” Why, thanks Ethan. And my parents thank you too.

Here are two things I did last night that I am proud of. Can you guess which one I am MORE proud of?

Choice A: I took a golf lesson last night in preparation for our company tournament this weekend. Prior to last night, I would swing at least 4 times to even connect with the ball once. And then, there was no telling where or how far the shot would go. After just 5 minutes with the pro last night, I only missed three times in a bucket and a half’s worth of balls! Not only that, but I consistently hit it 70 – 90 yards (with my irons) and in the same spot almost every time. We’ll see what happens on Sunday but it was $25 and an hour well spent.

Choice B: I rigged up the microphone into Mike's bike’s bottle cage and propped the bike up in front of me so I could sing and play guitar simultaneously in Rock Band. But that’s not even the best (nerdiest) part of it – I averaged 99% on vocals AND 95% on guitar for three songs! AND I found out that out of all the hundreds of thousands of people registered, I rank about 1500 for my rendition of Epic by Faith No More. If you have ever heard me sing, you may well be snickering right now – but the evidence is there.

So, choice A or choice B? Sadly, I am more proud of choice B. I chose the video game.

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