Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things I'd like for my birthday - and I do accept gift cards of any sort ;-)

1. Recliner lawn chair – because I need a lounger for all the relaxing I get to do outside. Hmph. Yeah.
2. Pudding basin – because I LOVE rice pudding and I would like to make it the authentic English way, in a basin. Once I have the basin I can also make other yummies like Summer Pudding.
3. Tea cozy – because I am getting OLD and old folk need stuff like this.
4. Salad spinner – because I am too cheap to replace the one I have.
5. Stylish ladies' briefcase or tote that will hold my laptop – because I am SICK of carrying my stuff to work in a masculine leather briefcase.
6. Long running pants (and I mean long) – because my only running pants are above the ankle which would be useful in a FLOOD, but not so much in the winter when you want your legs warm the WHOLE way down.
7. Running shorts with built-in knickers – because I’ve been running in mine since 2000. They’re my favourite, and a tough act to follow, but 8 years of use is a little much.
8. Running socks – because my current pairs are worn through and not just any old socks will do.
9. Book Club books – Religion for Dummies (by Gellman & Hartman), Sarah: A Novel (by Marek Halter), Into the Wild (by John Krakauer) – especially Religion for Dummies because I need to get smarter about the world’s religions.
10. Ticket to San Diego to visit Nancy – because I deserve to visit my old friend.
11. A weekend off – because I am tired of ranking FOURTH among four people and would like to be alone so I can be number one again.
12. Ski boots, helmet, gloves, and jacket – because my boots are ancient and hurt, I have no helmet to protect my melon, my gloves date to my early twenties and were never warm to begin with, and my jacket was a knockoff and it’s starting to fall apart. I realize I’m out of season here, but something needs to be done before next season.
13. Something at Casbah Spa – because I just LOVE that place and it loves me.

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