Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen things I did before driving the boys to school this morning:
  1. Realized as Ethan gave me a full-body hug that his head was up to my nose and his feet stretched to my shins. When did he get so big?
  2. Wished for an extra hour of sleep
  3. Prepared two breakfasts and two snacks and grabbed one Happy Planet from the fridge for yours truly
  4. Single-handedly managed one crying bleeding child and one screaming apple tantrum simultaneously
  5. Coloured a yellow apple with a red food colouring pen so that Ethan would take it for snack – yes, I seriously DID this
  6. Applied a Backyardigans bandaid to Jack’s injured finger
  7. Assembled envelope for E’s teacher’s end-of-year present with scrapbook page inside
  8. Pondered what to do with the two hours that both boys will be in school and decided on a nap – which I know I will never do, but it’s fun to dream
  9. Opened mail from yesterday and found my new driver’s licence – and I actually LIKE the picture
  10. Got dressed. Notice I didn’t say Showered and Dressed because I didn’t have time for the shower this morning. See items 4 through 6.
  11. Gave the boys a bath, helped them with soap (skipped shampoo) and towel, then threw clothes at them until somehow miraculously they were dressed
  12. Repeated 18 times, “Hurry, or we’ll be late”
  13. Forgot to put on makeup before driving them so now all the kindergarten and preschool moms know how freaky I really look in the mornings

1 comment:

Cathy said...

What's a Happy Planet? Glad you aspire to napping, did you get one?