Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun and Games

My shoulder has been bothering me for a while. I don’t know exactly what I did but it felt out of place and I couldn’t point all the way straight up. (Which bothered me, although it’s not something I necessarily need to be able to do often. But I felt the need to show people – here, see this – I can’t DO this. No, I guess I don’t really NEED to do that but I’d still like to have the option.) Well, I’d tried a bunch of things but what actually worked was an accident. I was playing at the park with the kids and decided to take a turn on the monkey bars. One long-arm swing and my body weight popped my shoulder right back into commission. So to those of you suffering now, I say to you: Forget physical therapy, chiro or acupuncture. Monkey Bars, baby; Monkey Bars.

How would you answer this question when it comes out of the blue:
“Mummy, does five have a middle?”
The crazy thing is I knew immediately what Ethan was talking about before he even went on. Yes, I said, five does have a middle. He says, “Like three has a middle, and one is just one, but two and four have no middle.” Evens and odds, people. X X X X X – look for the middle! See, it’s there! My son is weird and so am I.

Everyone, please cheer for Tamsin Barnett of the Australian women’s Olympic beach volleyball team. Because, obviously, there aren’t too many other world-class TAMSINs out there, so let’s give some props. She’s slightly more athletic than I and a little leaner, and she’s 6’1’’, blond and tan, but we’re really a lot alike. Really. My GOD can their “uniforms” get any smaller? It’s bordering on the obscene. I am watching in horror in case something pops out. Also I keep worrying that their feet are going to get burned in the sand. I think I’ll switch over to synchro swimming or maybe some nice calm equestrian event. This is way too stressful. Except that the announcers have said the name “Tamsin” about forty times in the last ten minutes and frankly, I appear to be unable to switch away from hearing my own name. It’s captivating. It’s weird, I never hear my name anywhere like you Michelles and Kims. My head cranks around when someone asks “What time is it?” (say it fast and you’ll get it). So until this match is over I’m stuck. Plus the Aussies are playing the Russians and I’m pretty sure that one of the Russians used to be a man so I keep watching to check. And I just heard the loudspeaker say Tamsin in Chinese which was also pretty cool.

On another Olympic note, I had my phone interview for my Olympic volunteer position. It went well – sounds like I’m being earmarked for delegate management or something like that. It involves taking care of other countries’ athletes and coaches by driving them places, helping them with administrative stuff and translating for them. Next is the group interview and customer service training, then after the criminal background check I should be good to go. In another two years.

Me and the boys went to the Abbotsford Air Show today and what a great day we had! I wasn’t sure how long they’d last because it’s hot and loud and crowded, but we were there 7 hours. Yes – 7 HOURS.

The temperature turned out to be perfect, we used our earplugs and the lines weren’t long at all. The most we had to wait was probably 10 minutes to get into one of the cockpits. It was a great show, and all the air crew of the various aircraft were so great to the kids. All the stunts and fly-bys were awesome and touring through all the aircraft was a lot of fun. I’d packed enough snacks and drinks to last us all day, with a hot dog each for lunch and a splurge for mini-donuts. Way cool. (How uncool does that make me to say something like “way cool”? Just checking.) The Snowbirds were the best. I get very emotional watching them fly – it’s poetic and beautiful as well as being fast and aerobatically impressive. Loved it!
Ethan took this shot – here I am with Jack in an F-18 cockpit.
Jack took this one of Ethan - hee hee! Where's his head?
Here’s Jack "flying" one of the giant planes
And my two cuties – what’s not to love about mouths full of hot dog?

We’re off camping – catch you when we get back!

PS – Match point. Tamsin pulled through and won it.

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Marzia said...

Okay so I've done the monkey bar thing and felt like my arm was going to rip out, but I can see the medicinal value for sure. Also, I've never been to the Air show in all my years hear in the Valley. Perhaps the boys wouldn't mind a tag along next year?