Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

13 things you probably never knew about me

  1. At night, I keep myself at the ideal temperature by using The Regulator. This is a process that involves sticking my right foot out of the covers. Just the toes in winter, up to the hip in summer.
  2. I hate the phone. I loved it when email became more prevalent; it is definitely my communication tool of choice. It started when I was little and my parents had me phone the airport information line to check Gran’s flight arrival time. They dialled a wrong number and held the phone to my head as I had to talk to a stranger. He asked me my name and then he said, “Tarzan? Do you live in the JUNGLE Tarzan?” until I burst into tears and my dad realized his mistake.
  3. I have always wanted to own a sword. I used to go into House of Knives and stare at the swords until the salesperson got all shifty and uncomfortable. I don’t know what I would DO with a sword if I had one, but there you have it.
  4. Although I love chocolate and I love Pop-Tarts, I don’t love chocolate Pop-Tarts.
  5. I actually like rain. It's refreshing, peaceful and smells good. And it appeals to my melancholy.
  6. I have a brown spot in the iris of my right eye, which is mostly blue. The other eye is totally blue. I just had to go to the mirror to check which one has the spot.
  7. In my earliest memory I'm walking down a street in England with my dad. It was before we moved to Canada in 1975, so I wasn’t quite 2 years old yet.
  8. I will never own a minivan. NEVER.
  9. My first name is derived from Thomasina, and some say it was commonly given to witches during the Middle Ages.
  10. I have an ancestor who was a pirate and there is an island named after him just off the coast of Central America.
  11. Clowns scare me.
  12. Same with ghosts, but I will talk to ghosts. I won’t talk to clowns.
  13. My porn name would be Whiskers Francis (first pet, street I grew up on). Or else Mog Church. Neither one is remotely sexy, so I definitely would not make a good porn star.

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Cathy said...

Chocolate poptarts don't even have real chocolate in them, and they have this aftertaste that is a little bit gaggy, so yeah, yuk. These were very interesting snippets.