Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen things that every woman should know how to do

(I stole these...)

  1. Take off a bra through a shirt sleeve
  2. Choose the proper people to accompany you to the bathroom at the bar
  3. Select a trashy novel for reading at the beach
  4. Keep kids busy in order to go to the bathroom alone
  5. Prepare an elegant appetizer from random pantry supplies for unannounced company
  6. Respond to a child's midnight announcement of, "I have to bring 75 brownies to school tomorrow."
  7. Filch the phone number of a good babysitter from the neighbour
  8. Get makeup off a cell phone screen
  9. Extract the good candy from the Halloween bags without the kids noticing
  10. Actually download pictures from the digital camera
  11. Create 3 or more plausible reasons to "stop by Target"
  12. Drive in the snow
  13. Surprise a child by going to 7-11 for a "treat" without him knowing it's because you need a slurpee

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