Sunday, February 22, 2009

February in Photos Day 21

I could not even get out of bed on Saturday. Not only that, I could not even roll over to answer the phone when it rang. I was in bed, Mike was crashed on the couch downstairs and the boys sat in the living room and watched TV ALL DAY. Luckily the last pukes were wham bam bam, all of us at 3 am... then no more pukes, just feeling like complete and absolute death. Here is a picture of the only thing that brought me relief yesterday: my magic bag. Unfortunately I could only drag my sorry ass to the microwave twice yesterday to heat it up, but I curled my trembly shaky body around that thing and sucked all the heat out of it. Then my fever broke and I became a sweat ball. I think collectively our little household has lost about 15 pounds since Wednesday night. This morning we are eating bagels and Gatorade - dare I say it - we are on the mend! I cross all my fingers this flu does not get to you.

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Cathy said...

Gatorade is a Godsend.