Thursday, February 5, 2009

February in Photos Day 5

Jack is learning about space at preschool. His favourite planet is Uranus. Snigger, snigger. I am far too immature to handle THAT being his favourite planet. We have had conversations like this:
“Mummy, is Uranus big?”
“Mummy, is Uranus hot or cold?”
“Mummy, do any people live on Uranus?”
and my new personal favourite, just today: "Mummy, does Uranus have gas?" (I SWEAR this to be true)
I guess I shouldn’t really call them conversations because that would imply that there are two sides contributing to the dialogue. What really happens in response is me giggling out of control. And he is so serious; he gets so mad at me because I am incapable of answering his questions. Mike says, “What are you? Two?” Um, mentally, yes. ‘Fraid so.
Here is Jack and Uranus (WHEN will that stop being funny?)

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Cathy said...

Guess having boys rubs off on you. But it is still funny.