Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Them Boys

This week’s most awesomest conversation:
Jack: “Mummy why do ladies have three privates, and mens only have two?”

Me: “Because ladies also have breasts.”

Jack: “Why don’t boys have bwestes?”

Me: “Because they don’t need to feed babies. That’s what the mummy’s breasts are for. And after they are done feeding their children, their breasts become a private area.”

Jack: “I really like your bumps Mummy.”

Me: “Thank you Jack.”

Later, overheard from the other room...
Jack: “Ethan, I really like Mummy’s bumps.”

Ethan: “Yes, me too. But Mummy’s bumps aren’t as big as some ladies’ bumps.”

Jack: “No, Mummy’s bumps are not big.”

Me, from the other room: “Bumps are privates! Can everyone stop talking about my bumps!”

Jack, whispering: “They are NOT big.”

Ethan, whispering: “I KNOW.”

Me, whispering in the other room: “I know, too.”

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