Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February in Photos Day 24

Tonight 25 Club did something completely different. (And I was so thankful that I was feeling well enough to attend - I had really been looking forward to this one!)We had a psychic come and do short readings for all of us. Here we all are after our readings, with our psychic! With me, she was chillingly accurate. Here is just one example from our twenty minutes together: she told me there is a birthday coming up very soon, it is a change to five, and it is somehow connected to a rabbit. Jack (nickname Rabbit) turns 5 next week. I will need to think over some of the other things we talked about but I was pretty impressed with her reading. Now it's up to me to use that insight. Also, my good old cat Attila was there somewhere to say hi. She said, there's a huge cat here with attitude, begins with an A. You've talked to him before since he passed. All of which is true - the day that Attila died I kept finding his picture had fallen off the fridge. Over and over again, I magnetted it back up until my mom phoned to tell me he'd died. The photo stopped jumping off at that point but he sure had a starring role in my dreams that night. Now you can read into that what you will, and I understand if you are sceptic. I say it all the time, if these things didn't happen to me I wouldn't believe them either. I'm off to dreamland now... wonder what will come tonight?

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