Thursday, February 26, 2009

February in Photos Day 26

Jack and I saw a very scary thing today. We were driving down a major street, two lanes our way and three the other. We stopped at a red light about 4 cars back from the front. The light went green, our cars started to go... all of a sudden I noticed a lady running across the road from left to right about 4 cars back from the start line/crosswalk on the other side facing us. She was trying to beat all of us who were just going, and most certainly did not have a walk sign even if she had been anywhere near a crosswalk. So she successfully got across the three lanes on that side of the road, behind all those cars who had been waiting at the light. The lead car in our lane saw her and stopped - she kept running. The curb lane to my right, however, had a guy blasting up who hadn't been stopped at the light and she ran RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. HIS. CAR.

I don't think Jack saw the actual impact, I hope he didn't see, but he did ask me, "Why you yell NO and then SH*T, Mummy?" The driver did an amazing job of slamming on his brakes but the end result was that the pedestrian was down and under the front of his car. Not the wheels thank GOD. Amazingly, unbelievably, she rolled out from under, stood up, brushed herself off, and walked to the sidewalk while we all gaped at her from our stopped cars. We were all yelling are you ok, and all attempting to pull over into the bus stop. The guy who hit her (although I want to say the guy whose car she hit with her body because: totally not your fault poor guy!) was just too damn shocked to even move. She yelled to all, "I'm fine, thanks, everyone!" gave a little cheerio wave and a smile and started walking briskly away up the sidewalk.
You would expect her to be young and stupid, right? Nope. Late fifties or early sixties, well dressed and obviously in just that much too much of a hurry to give a sh*t about those of us just trying to drive without killing a human.

Anyway. I was an absolute stress case on the way to Costco, but on the way there I saw a sign that made me laugh and totally took my tension away. So here is the photo of the day.

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