Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Rush

Looking back on the weeks since I last posted, it has really been a blur. Not only is it such a crazy time of year, but I was so stressed out with dread and preparation for Ethan’s tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. Having said that, there were some great times in there too - 25 Club was one. We all got together at Montage Spa in Walnut Grove for manicures and pedicures, food and wine. Since we’re becoming spa connoisseurs of sorts – we do this every year – we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Montage met all of our criteria for a successful group event and we may break with tradition and do the same place again next year! Carrie had arranged for us to have a private shopping party afterwards at a boutique two doors down, which only added to the glamour of the day. The store owner had put out wine, cheese and crackers and locked the door behind us, so we were able to try on clothes with the benefit of personal shoppers and honest opinions from our closest friends. After closing my eyes while signing my Mastercard slip, I have to say I think it was worth their while to stay open two hours late. The store owner had phoned ahead for us to a great little Indian restaurant only four doors away, so our paparazzi life continued for another few hours. Again, everything was excellent.
Snap back to reality the next morning as the boys run in and jump on me. We’ve had a very cold snap and snow arrived suddenly on the 26th – lots of it. We were at the YMCA for swimming lessons, inside only an hour, and when we came out our car was covered! We’re only a five minute drive away normally, but it took 40 minutes to get home. We’ve played outside, made snowmen, had snowball fights, and warmed up by the fire. Ethan and I were in front of the fireplace, using my scarf to make shapes and guess what each other had made. This game was sweet, and we made snails, letters, faces, and Ethan even made a breast cancer ribbon. It was a big loop, and he said, “You know, Mummy, the pink ribbon from your coat so nobody gets sick any more.” I was quite touched, but then the next shape he made was not so sweet – he decided to make a penis. Sigh.
Speaking of sweet and not-so-sweet, E. came home from school one day and told me a friend had forgotten his snack, so he offered to share his. I told him how nice that was and that I was proud of him for helping a friend. He then told me exactly what he had shared – two goldfish crackers and two raisins. So generous!
I have been on edge with Lazy Jack lately. Since he was a baby, he’s been so lazy about certain things he expects the parents to do for him. It started as an infant – he would NEVER hold his own bottle. He didn’t care and would just lay there with limp arms while you juggled everything to feed him. Nursing him was way easier since you at least had one arm free (necessary when you also have a toddler jumping around). He also doesn’t care about getting dressed and is never helpful like Ethan was in pushing his own arms out of the sleeves. He waits for you to pull them out. The final straw is that in 3½ years he still hasn’t got the fact that we want him to pull his arms out of his car seat straps once we’ve undone the buckle. Seems simple, but it sends me over the edge. So I lost it a couple of weeks ago and I said (yelled?), “Jack – it’s been 3½ years; you should know to take your arms out of your f&*^king seat!” Not my most stellar moment. Once we’re out of the car and walking down the sidewalk, J says, “Why did you say f&*^king, Mummy?” I replied that I was sorry, I was just frustrated. He replies, “Well, I am fer-uss-terated with you, too, Mummy, we are fer-uss-terated with each other!”
We managed to get a couple of Christmas-related jobs out of the way; the most important of which was the photo with Santa, which we did the day before Ethan’s surgery. It’s very cute! Now I just have to assemble an address list, write cards, print photos to put in cards, send cards, shop for Christmas, wrap, make goodies, go to Christmas parties, get E ready for his Christmas concert, and in the midst of all that, prepare for Belize. That’s all!

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