Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping 2009

We have fulfilled our annual camping obligation - something the kids love and Mike and I barely tolerate once a year. It was fun to go to Sooke, see Briana, Rob and the kids, and get away from home for a mini-vacation before the big move-in date. However, camping is not our favourite activity so although the boys loved it, we spent three days feeling a little cold and miserable. Dinner times were a highlight, 2 am freeze-your-face-off-and-shiver-in-your-sleeping-bag was a lowlight. The younger cousins enjoyed themselves with a little horseplay:
(Kieran is 6 weeks younger than Jack - look at the size difference!)
While the older two got to go salmon fishing with Mike, Rob and Rob's dad. Here are the results (OOH AHH):

Bedtime was "great":

Playing on the beach was lots of fun for four adventurous boys:

But I fell on the stupid stone steps and twisted my stupid ankle:

(It's better now, thanks for asking)
It was a nice mini-getaway and now we are sad to see the last of summer leak away. I feel like I am trying to hold water in my hands, grabbing onto the last couple of weeks of summer play. And some days I want to toss all the summer away and get back to a routine that works for grumpy boys. Like today.
They are in YMCA day camp this week, a real old-fashioned kind of camp where they canoe, hike, and learn archery. But all Ethan can talk about is how scratchy the arm band is and how he is NOT wearing it all week. It's going to be a LONG week until we cut that sucker off. Also, he doesn't like the extra armband that shows he's allergic to peanuts. He says other kids keep asking why he has a pink one too and it makes him feel stupid. I feel for the poor boy but MAN! It has been a long night.
It's getting late and I have a ton of work to do before I teach tomorrow so sayonara. We'll chat after camp ends!

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Cathy said...

Sorry Gimpy! But it looks like the Boys had Tons of fun!