Friday, March 4, 2011

Resolution Report on February

Ethan's Resolutions
Keep my room clean.
Well, the floor is tidy right at this second. Does that count?

Not to stash things in my room.
FAIL. There is stuff stashed EVERYWHERE in his room.

I will try not to hit Jack.
Sigh. Do I really need to report on this? I think you all know how brothers work.

I will not yell at anybody.
Oh, Ethan. Did you really set the bar this high?

To not get mad when I lose.

To be nice to the environment.
OK, here he does actually shine. Well done on the composting and the recycling, o child of the Earth!

To Ethan From Jack: Play Beyblades with Jack.
He has played with him a few times, but the Beyblades craze has died down a little for Jackers.

To Ethan From Mummy: Control your emotions and be nice to your brother.
See above under yelling and hitting.

To Ethan From Daddy: Don’t lose your temper.
Ditto to comment above.

Be respectful.
What does respect mean to a 6-year-old? I think it may mean “forget you, it’s all about me” or something like that. Sooooo respectful. Hmpf.

Do what my parents say.
Well, if he is listening to us in order to play Club Penguin, then yes he is doing what we say. But with no incentive for him, well then it’s just exactly NOT doing what his parents say.

Try to not fart.
Did he really put this down? Because he had NO intention of EVER not farting. He is the worst farter I know.

Keep my room tidy.
Actually he can be surprisingly good at this. He’s making an effort anyway.

Be good at school.
Oh my gosh. He is doing so amazingly well here, and I am actually not being even slightly sarcastic. He is a changed boy since Christmas. Madame had some great suggestions for helping him behave in class, and we started those in January. He has gone from a couple of warnings a day, with zero or one block of rewards, to zero warnings and up to six blocks a day! I am very VERY proud of him. And Madame is awesome and amazing with him.

To not scream in people’s ears.
This has calmed down a bit too. Thankfully.

To Jack From Ethan: To not punch me.
Brothers, remember? What do YOU think?

To Jack From Mummy: Listen the first time and be nice to your brother.
Listening is NOT Jack’s strong point. I’m not sure it ever will be.

To Jack From Daddy: Listen the first time.
Yeah. See above.

Complete one anti-Hoarding project per month until December.
Living room now complete, since I did the coffee table cupboard and drawers in February. So three projects done in two months! Yay!

Finish all 3 runs in the Diva series.
Still haven’t registered but I have implemented the 6 week training program to the first race Mar 27. It’s week three and although I missed my run today - so far, so good!

Make 5 Green switches this year.
Still doing composting and trying to eat locally as well. This will get easier as things actually start to grow in this neck of the woods. C’mon, spring!

Get 5 items done off 40 before 40 list.
Yay! Two done this month! Trapeze and making pasta from scratch! I also started photographing 40 friends’ faces. Five of forty done there!

Celebrate Fridays.
Week one = unexpected houseguest arrives. I spend all day cleaning. NOT a celebration.
Week two = Pro-D Day – no school. Stick and Puck for the boys at the rink, then a couple of playdates before Ethan’s basketball. Totally not about me but a pretty fun day nonetheless.
Week three = had a good run in the morning and then made pasta from scratch as part of 40x40.
Week four = run first, an hour-long phone catchup with a friend and then organizing stuff! Made me very happy…

To Mummy From Ethan: To try to lay down with me every night.
Yes, I have been making an effort. Not that it’s an effort as much as a timing issue! I actually enjoy having the quiet time to chat with him.

To kiss and hug me at least 10 times a day.
Yes, we have been faithfully meeting this goal. No great stretch here!

To Mummy From Jack: Play Beyblades with Jack.
Yes, I have done this. Yes, I have pretended to enjoy myself while doing this.

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Cathy said...

You're making more progress than I am, Great Job!