Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Resolution Report - May AND June

Here's how things are going with this year's resolutions...

Complete one anti-Hoarding project per month until December.
Actually got four things accomplished in May and June. So proud of myself!
1. Filing – done! What a chore that was, but all the paperwork is carefully filed FINALLY.

2. Purge Kids’ rooms – oh, wow. This was indeed a chore as they are very reluctant to part with toys, even though they haven’t played with them in years! But I ended up donating 3 boxes of kids’ books and 6 large boxes of kids’ toys to charity. And their rooms look awesome!

3. Kitchen cupboards and pantry – YEY! Cleared out! I took a few dead appliances and disposed of them, and completely cleared and reorganized the pantry. Found some good food back there, too, and now we know it’s there we can eat it all up!

4. Bathroom cabinets – all un-hoarded. I got rid of a pile of old cosmetics, rancid bath stuff and expired medicine. My drawer that used to be nothing but a big hairball is now actually accessible!

Finish all 3 runs in the Diva series.
OK, so I did the Earth Run (same course) instead of Diva #1 due to our Maui holiday. Now Diva #2 conflicts with us going away overnight to a wedding. So I’ve chosen a similar race mid-August instead to substitute in for Diva #2. Hopefully I will be able to do Diva #3 in October!

Make 5 Green switches this year.
It was a late spring so it’s been slim pickings at the farm markets this year. But now we can eat local again and I plan on trying a few new canning recipes this summer. Composting is still going well. I've also switched household cleaners to eco-friendly, bio-degradable solutions. Another green switch is that I am in the process of getting my motorcycle license. That will be a lot easier on the environment if I pass my test and can ride to work instead of driving!

Get 5 items done off 40 before 40 list.
I've done 4 so far this year! Trapeze, Poker, Shower under a waterfall and Make pasta from scratch…
In May and June I worked on 2 more: adding some portraits to the Photograph 40 Faces (I'm 1/4 done there), and did some genealogy research to finish the family tree. Briana is bringing me some documents at the end of this month to finish this off.
I’m also planning on buying something from an infomercial and making tortillas from scratch this summer! So I’m actually on pace to have 30 out of the 40 done by the end of 2011, which will leave 18 months to get the last 10 items!

Celebrate Fridays.
May Week one = Worked.
May Week two = Sick kid.
May Week three = Sports Day all day.
May Week four = Finally, time for me! Had brunch with friends and later went for a motorcycle ride.
June Week one = Was at the school all day.
June Week two = Worked.
June Week three = Pedicure! Yey!
June Week four = Field trip.
So the last two months of celebrating Fridays was an absolute fail with time for myself on only 2 of the 8 Fridays. And now with the boys home from school for the summer I will just have to wait until fall to resume this! That’s ok, though, I will enjoy the time with them this summer too.

That's all for now; more to report in a few weeks!

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