Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

I am stealing a few moments to write this as Ethan snores on the couch and Jack is occupied. E's been home sick for a couple of days and has slept just about all of it. I'm jealous! Would love some snooze time for me, too...
And Jack is in his room after having announced to me that "If you want to come in, you definitely have to knock first" which is more than slightly alarming. Maybe he's secretly cleaning his room? Ha! Maybe I should go knock. (But I like the momentary quiet)

My Mother's Day last weekend was very sweet. Mike was away overnight, but the boys prepared breakfast for me and brought me a lovely tray (at 6:45 am, but who's complaining?) They'd made hot buttered toast (emphasis on the butter) and orange juice, and added two mini Aero chocolate bars for good measure. Jack had made some tissue paper flowers in a toilet paper tube vase, and they'd placed those on the tray too. Ethan had made a lovely decoration for my garden, wrapped in hand-made wrapping paper, along with a very sweet card:
Let me translate what Maman (Mummy) means to him:
Merveilleuse cuisiniere = Marvelous cook
Aime courir = Likes to run
Mange beaucoup = Eats a lot
Aime ses enfants beaucoup = Likes her children a lot
N'aime pas magasiner = Does not like to shop

Does my kid know me or what?
I got lots of cuddles and kisses, and it was a fantastic start to the day even though it was damn early.
Love those guys!!!

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